SDLG G9615 Motor Grader


Performance Features

1. It is equipped with Weichai Deutz WP6G175 engine, which matches with Hangchi transmission perfectly, achieving optimum performance and fuel efficiency, energy saving and high efficiency.

2. Dual-pump double circuit constant displacement hydraulic system is applied, and the overall working system pressure is 21 MPa, having high working efficiency.

3. No-spin limited slip differential and heavy-duty roller chain drive balance box are provided to enhance the overall tractive force and the flatness of surface operated by the blade.

4. Pallet type working device driven by double cylinder plus rotating valve is applied by absorbing VOLVO technology, which ensures high driving force and reliability; the blade can rotate under a load and features high working precision, being a leader in the domestic industry.

5. Frame structure welded by box beam is of integrated modularized design; the rear agitator and other accessories can be accessed conveniently for removal and installation, and are independent of the transmission system such that the impact load will only be transfered to the rear frame, ensuring high reliability.

6. The swing frame linkage mechanism utilizes lubrication-free and maintenance-free composite bearing featuring small friction coefficient, high impact and wear resistance and strong reliability.

7. The working device applies 7-hole linkage mechanism and electro-hydraulic cylinder locking mechanism, ensuring safe and convenient operation.

8. A new generation cab is applied, ensuring good sealing performance, safety and comfort; the front field of vision is clear that front wheels and blade can be seen, facilitating operation and enhancing working precision.

9. The overall electrical system applies centralized control, and 3rd-level alarm electronic monitoring system and digitized stepping instrument panel ensure good human-machine interaction and convenient inspection and maintenance.

10. Auxiliary implements such as front dozer blade, front agitator, intermediate agitator, rear agitator and rear scarification rake are optionally available, and blade floating and automatic leveling system module can be installed.

Power, kW 129
Operating weight, kg 14600
The main parameters

Front axle load, kg 4400
Rear axle load, kg 10200
The angle of the front wheel,° ±18
Turning angle of the front axle,° ±16
Angle of rotation of the front wheel,° ±50
The rotation angle of the articulated frame,° ±23
The diameter of the cutting plate(knife), mm 1626
Pressure on the ground the blade, N 7720
The size of the pile, mm 3658×635×22
Length, mm 8975
The height of the grader, mm 3240
The width of the grader, mm 2710
Minimum front axle clearance, mm 610
Speed (forward),km/h 5/8/13/19,5/28,5/38
Speed(backward), km/h 5/13/28,5
Minimum Turning radius, m 7,6
Blade clearance, mm 445
Blade cutting depth, mm 787
Blade turning angle(forward), ° 47
Angle of rotation of the blade(12), ° 5
Blade rotation angle vertically, ° 90
Sliding blade range, mm L673/R673
The maximum pulling force, Kn (F = 0,75) 75
Blade turning angle, ° 360
Track width, mm 2260
Wheelbase (F/R), mm 6480
Wheel base (rear axle), mm 1538
The ground clearance, mm 430
Machine size(LXWXH), mm 8975x2710x3240

Model WP6G175E21
Type In-line water-cooled,4-stroke
Rated power ,kW 129
Rated speed, rpm/min 2200
Volume, L 6,75
Number of cylinders 6
Bore/stroke(mm) 105/130
The minimum specific fuel consumption, G/KW*h 210
Maximum torque, n * m/speed, RPM 680/1400
Ecological class Euro2
Main transmission

Model converter ZFW320
Disk diameter, mm 320
Type of gearbox Semi-automatic switching under load
Type of drive axle Triple
Type of tire 17.5-25-12PR
Type of brake Drum
Type of torque converter Single stage ,single phase,three-element
Type of transmission YD13
PCC management Electro-hydraulic
The type of balancing Rotary
Rim 14.00/1.5-25

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