SDLG RS7120 Road Roller


RS7120 full hydraulic single-drum vibratory road roller is a new generation of roller newly developed by SDLG based VOLVO technology. This machine is of excellent performance and fashionable shape and is industrial leading in compacting, driving and operating performances and reliability, repair and maintenance performance and so on. It is ideal compacting equipment for road, airport, harbor, railway, dam and industrial site.
1. It is equipped with the Dachai DEUTZ engine meeting the requirements of China II stage emission standard, with strong power, low fuel consumption and high reliability.
2. Radiator is in horizontal and parallel arrangement and the heat emission compartment is designed with sealed partition and independent cooling and heating spaces, which ensures a good cooling effect.
3. International famous brand of hydraulic element is used, with high reliability; The travel system uses low-speed large-torque hydraulic motor, which realizes stable starting and good compacting effect.
4. Excitation mechanism of SDLG invented patent is adopted, with good compacting effect. Amplitudes and frequencies of both side of vibrating drum is high the same. International famous brand of vibration bearing is used, with large bearing capacity and is stable and reliable.
5. Electrical system of the entire machine is in centralized control, displayed with digitalized stepping instrument, which ensures high human-machine interaction and is convenient for detection and maintenance.
6. International famous brand of wet drive axle is used, with good braking performance and high reliability.
7. Engine hood adopts electrically-controlled linear actuator and can be open up by one key, with large opening angle, reasonable layout for repair position and is convenient for repair and maintenance.
8. The cab is fully sealed and optimized by Ergonomics. It is spacious and bright, with wide visual field, good sealing effect, standard air conditioning and comfortable driving environment; it is optional to adopt FOPS/ROPS cab.
9. It is optional to equip engineering tire and add cam to meet various demand of customer.

Item Specification Item Specification
Working weight 12000kg Transmission type Closed-loop static hydraulic
Front wheel weight distribution 6800kg Transmission working pressure 40mpa
Rear wheel weight distribution 5200kg Main transmission type Spiral bevel gear single-stage reduction
Compacting width 2130mm Final decelerate type Planetary decelerate
Static linear load 313N/cm Drum wheel reducer Hydraulic decelerate
Vibration frequency(high) 35Hz Traveling speed 0-12km/h
Vibration frequency(low) 30Hz Working speed 0-9km/h
Theoretical grade ability 40% Tyre specification 23.1-26-8PR
Minimum ground clearance 355mm Service brake Stop at neutral hydraulic position

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