SDLG MT50 Mining Dumper


SDLG MT50 Mining Dumper

1. Reinforced riveted frame with large cross section, and suspension system strengthened, whole machine more reliable.

2. Offset drive’s cab in frame structure, air suspension seat, sealing, safety and comfort improved as a result.

3. Split type 3-stage oil bath air filter applied to deal with tough mining working environment.

4. Drivetrain system optimally matched, large power output but low fuel consumption.

5. Oil temperature drops by 50% by converging Hoisting flow and steering flow, and failure rates of the hydraulic system decreases significantly as a result.

Model MT50
Curb Weight  (kg) 18000
Gross Weight   (kg) 50000
Rated  Load   (kg) 3200
Body Volume (m³) 20.5
Dimension (L×W×H)   (mm) 8775×2558×3720
Wheelbase   (mm) 4000+1400
Drive Mode 6×4
Max. Speed    (km/h) 65
Max. Gradeability    (%) 36
Engine WD615.69
Rated  Power (kW) 247
Transmission 9JSD150A
Tire 12.00-20(P22)
Axle bearing capacity (t) 9.5+16+16
Axle Ratio 6.733

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