SDLG LG953N Wheel loader


1. Hydraulic system: The load-sensing full-hydraulic steering system is adopted, and the hierarchical variable automatic control can be achieved by the twin steering pump, which ensures energy efficiency and stable and comfortable operation. The hydraulic pipes are of the dual sealing structure, which further improves the reliability of the hydraulic system.
2. Transmission system: It is applied with the user-friendly planetary transmission of SDLG with two gears in the front and one gear at the back, and the strengthened drive axle, which enables higher reliability.
3. Frame: It is applied with the reinforced front and rear frames, which feature high strength and prolonged service life. With large steering angle and small turning radius, the complete machine is flexible and suitable for operation in confined space. The hinged part is of the composite structure of tapered roller bearing and spherical plain bearing, which is more suitable for the harsh operating conditions.
4. Tyre: It is applied with the low-pressure wide base tyre, featuring good off-road performance and trafficability and adapted to traveling and operation on bumpy roads.
5. Cooling system: The electric control thermal management module is adopted for the cooling system, which efficiently reduces the engine water temperature, hydraulic system oil temperature and transmission oil temperature, and the complete machine is of high cooling efficiency, which reduces the oil consumption.
6. Engine: It is equipped with the energy-saving low-speed engine meeting the requirements of China II emission standard, efficient high-capacity torque converter, and energy-saving hydraulic system that is the patented technology of SDLG, and these three items are matched perfectly, which improves the operating efficiency, reduces the energy consumption and achieves the comprehensive energy saving of more than 20%.
7. Electrical system: The self-developed digitized combined dashboard of SDLG is adopted, which ensures high human-machine interaction; the centralized control is adopted for the electric apparatus of the complete machine, which ensures convenient inspection and maintenance and high reliability of electrical components.
8. Cab: The new steel cab offers wide vision. The optimized layout in the cab enables greater operating space, the full-coverage cab interior gives better sealing performance and the optional ISO-compliant and high-performance A/C offers good comfort.
9. Implement: The optimal design is conducted for the implement, which ensures large breakout force and large full-load coefficient; the main cutting board of the bucket is of the trapezoidal wear-resisting steel structure, and the bottom wear-resisting plate is of the thickened concave structure, which ensures small insertion resistance and good wear-resisting property.
10. Shock absorbing system: The complete machine is applied with a three-stage shock absorbing system, which reduces the vibration by 40%, enables better shock absorbing performance and increases the comfort of the driver.

Item Specifications
Operating weight 16600~17000Kg
Bucket capacity 2.2~4.5m³
Rated load 5000Kg
Max.breakout force 185KN
Max.dumping height(E) 3050~3600mm
Dumping distance(G) 1080~1190mm
Length×Width×Height 8296× 3024 × 3423
Max.tractive force 160KN
Max.climbing angle(H) 29°
Total time ≤10s
Steering angel(O) 35°
Tipping load 100KN
Rated power 162kW

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