SDLG LG6360E Excavator


The LG6360E isthe product of SDLG’s absorbing advanced Volvo technologies to conduct a comprehensive upgrade and update, featuring strong power and efficient operation. With its structural parts strengthened, this excavator is easily qualified for heavy-duty mining and other harsh operating conditions.
• The hydraulic system is applied with the double-pump constant power negative flow control and has the “auto-sensing operating mode” and the “single-pump/double-pump oil supply control mode”, featuring high efficiency and enabling excellent control performance of the complete machine.
• Applied with the reinforcedheavy-duty boom, and the mining-type arm and bucket, more reliable and better adapted to heavy-duty miningand other operating conditions.
• The high-torque slewingmotor and reinforcedslewinginner ring gear enable highslewing speed, and the wet brakeensures goodsmoothness and high reliability.
• Applied with the reinforced upper framedesigned for harsh mining conditions and the X-type lower frame of the widened chassis, offering higher stability and easily qualified for heavy-dutyoperatingconditions.
• Applied with the large-size three-side doors and the split engine hood, which facilitate the inspection, maintenance andrepair.
• Applied with the high-torque traveling motor and lengthened high-strength crawler, which respectivelycontribute to largertraction,andlower ground pressure and better chassistrafficability.
• The cab is bright and spacious, features wide vision and good sealing effect, and is equipped with the high-end shock absorbing seat, two-stage filtration A/C (cool/heat) and silicone oil rubber shock absorber with excellent damping effect; all of them offer a comfortable riding environment.
• Applied with the imported SDLG dedicated low-speed high-torque 13L engine, featuring strong power, which isprovided with the SIEDIA fault detection interface, facilitating the inspection and maintenance of the engine, andequipped with the three-stage air filter, oil filter and fuel filter, ensuring higher reliability.
• stemis provided with the EECU, VECU and IECU of SDLG’s proprietary technology,and thus allows the machine to operate with a variety of modes to suit different conditions and enables energy efficiency of the complete machine. The color LCD monitor has the self-inspection, monitoring, emergency fault alarm, GPS positioning and remote monitoring functions, ensuring good human-machine interaction and easy operation and maintenance.

Item Specifications
Overall poerating weight 37700~37800kg
Bucket capacity 1.7~1.9m³
Max.excavation force 236kN
Swing speed 0-9.7r/min
Traveling speed(low/high) 3.3/4.5km/h
Length×Width×Height 11020×3340×3580mm
Max.digging radius 11130mm
Max.digging depth 7450mm
Max.digging height 7290mm
Engine rated power 198kW
Operating pressure 35MPa
Max.climbing angle(H) 35°

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