SDLG L956F Wheel loader

SDLG L956F Loader price

SDLG LG956F Wheel loader, SDLG loader L956F for sale

Performance features :

BX50 planetary transmission with high transmission efficiency is used.
LG A515 drive axle is adopted with rear axle swing design to provide strong bearing capacity and high reliability.
Standard 18 ply rating 23.5-25 tyres with superior wear resistance are adopted, which are more suitable to heavy load working conditions in mines.
Parker multiway valves, Permco working pumps and hydraulic components which are reliable and highly efficient are adopted.

Energy-efficient low RPM engine meeting China II emission standard requirements and highly-efficient large-capacity torque converter are perfectly combined to realize comprehensive energy conservation by 20%;

Three-level damping;
Cab space increased by 15%, indoor noise reduced to 80dB;
Mechanical suspended seat;
Curved glass with broad view.

Engine hood and heat dissipation hood are designed with a large opening respectively to provide larger space for maintenance;
Oil filter, fuel filter and air filter are arranged at the same side to facilitate maintenance.

Item Specifications
Operating weight 17200 kg
Bucket capacity 3.0m³
Rated load 5000kg
Max.breakout force ≥165kN
Max.dumping height 3110 mm
Dumping distance 1100 mm
Length×Width×Height 8230×3024×3380 mm
Max.tractive force 165 kN
Total time ≤10 s
Steering angel 38°
Tipping load 110 KN
Rated power 162 kW

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